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How does it works?

Sure-bets are based on easy principle. Every company has its own betting bookmakers whose creates individual odds for each game, based on all the possible factors that influence the end result of the match (weather, multiple-way charter, condition key players, etc.). They must also have sufficient favorable odds for those who bet. If they put the odd 1.1 on all matches, probably no one would bet a single cent. Also there is a challenge between bookmakers to provide most favorable odds, so the bettor would choose their company.

This is the reason, that different bookmakers have different odds. Few years ago it was possible to find matches with profit over 80%. Today, when all betting companies are connected to the Internet and compare their odds, there are only slight differences in courses usually. However, if someone knows that better match backstage (for example, knows that the best players have will not play the match) adjust odds to make them more favorable for bettors. And now, miracle happens, it means that if you bet two bookmakers on right odds, no matter who win, your profit will be greater than the total sum of invested funds.

Let me give a simple example at odds on total goals in the match:

Bookmaker X has following odds available:

Under 2.5 goals odd 1.82

Over 2.5 goals odd 2.15

Bookmaker Y has following odds:

Under 2.5 goals odd 1.71

Over 2.5 goals odd 2.32

And now, if you bet X on option Under 2.5 on odd 1.82 following amount: 56 Eur.

And in another bookmaker, if you bet Y on option Over 2.5 on odd 2.32 following amount: 44 Eur.

If the result is under 2.5 (0,1 or 2 goals) you would won in bookmaker X 1.82*56=101.92 Eur.

And if the result is over 2.5 (3 and more) you would won in bookmaker Y 2.32*44=102,08 Eur.

You bet together 100 Eur you would won 101.92 or 102,08 Eur, which is always more than the amount you bet. There is no other option, since it is not possible to strike 0,5 goal :). You would always win.

How much is it possible to earn?

Profit on one match is from 0.5% to about 80% in rare cases, but it is averagely about 2.5%. If you follow the detailed recommendations below, You can daily earn around 15-20 euros per day by betting on 4-6 matches. That is 450 - 600 Eur monthly!.. It is possible to earn more, but you will risk blocking your account. Do not consider this as a way to earn main income, rather consider it like extra earn.

Risks and Recommendations

While it is often noted that the method mentioned here is totally risk free, there are some risks. Nobody give you money totally free. To use this method for a long time, try to follow these tips and recommendations.

Disappearance of sure-bet – Online bets are constantly changing and profitable bet has usually life-time mostly just a few minutes. Therefore, you need some experience and fast internet access that you managed to place a bet before it becomes inconvenient.

If happen that you have already brought one bet and the other one changed in the meantime.

You have several options:

  • Place a bet on different bookmaker, where the betting odd rate will remain beneficial,
  • cancel bets ( It is a good practice to start betting with bookmakers which allow some time to cancel bet),
  • in the case that you cannot cancel the bets is preferable to submit all courses (although you are in loss, but it is better to lose a few percent than to lose all).

Hackers – Due to the large number of empty accounts, in which you have uploaded your personal data, it is possible that they may be misused. Hackers can attack bookmaker site, your computer on which you bet or create fake betting company.

Therefore, it is important to respect the following principles:

  • Always use only reliable, proven bookmakers
  • Do not bet on computers that also use different peoples than you(Internet cafes, work PC, etc.),
  • Always have updated anti-virus software.

Spam – When you register, your e-mail automatically becomes subject to third-party advertising campaigns.

Read well the registration terms and if possible, reject to send advertising messages and the processing of your personal data for this purpose.

Pairing mistake – Many teams or leagues are named differently in different bookmakers. Or some team names are very similar. Therefore, it may happen that the machine that evaluates bets became confused and pair incorrect matches.

Before you submit yours tickets, check whether it is really the same team in the same league and if there is not even another team with a similar name. Check whether home and guests are not exchanged. If you are not 100% sure, rather not bet on that match.

Making errors as an arber – because the courses are changing rapidly, you need to react quickly. Under time stress it is possible that you make mistake and you bet on the wrong match.

Note that you operates with your own funds, so it is good to check everything twice. If you make a mistake, it is better to bet to other bookmaker in the given match, because of loss minimization.

Detection – There are very few bookmakers who openly tolerate arbing. Many bookmakers may now be using shared security servers in order to pinpoint people suspected of arbitrage betting; they can simply limit stakes to make arbing unprofitable and even close accounts without honoring a bet that was placed. Loss of deposited money into a bookmaker could occur.

Follow these rules if you want to be long-term successful:

  • do not overdo it (large earnings mean a greater likelihood of detection),
  • Try to bet so, that you have in each bookmaker winning and also lost (if you are in one only winning, certainly bookmaker would not like he would restrict your account. Similar situation is with many loses in one bookmaker, he would block your account for your safety.
  • If you can, use multiple identities on betting (eg. wives account) and bet on one match from different accounts,
  • rotate bookmakers (for example, every week, select other - even at the cost of lower profit),
  • rounded fitted amount (if someone bets on the match 200.03 Eur, he would certainly cause suspicion)
  • avoid bets with too high profile,
  • sometimes bet on the match with little loss (of course bet on all possibilities).

Deposit height – Some bookmakers have the rule, which restricts maximum deposit or winnings per ticket but also per month.

It is very important to read the rules and be aware of the restrictions before you start betting.

Bet cancelation – Bookmakers have right to cancel the bet in case it is mistyped. TODO ( Alebo v prípade zmeny kurzu do určitej doby sa rozhodovať o prijatí stávky. Neviem či možu zmeniť kurz, alebo neprijať stávka v nejakej dobe ak zmenia kurz)

You must:

  • be familiar with the bookmakers rules and their ways of ticket acceptation and ticket cancelation.
  • if the manual approval takes longer than is your time to cancel your ticket, it is always better to cancel it personally till it is possible.
  • if the profit is suspiciously high, it is good practice to not bet on it,
  • do not combine various betting companies, which have long decision time on the ticket admission and where tickets are often reversed.

Gambling addiction – In the world of gambling there is always a big temptation to become gambler. Every bookmaker will entice you to all sorts of bonuses only to succumb and began to gamble.

It is only on your firm will to resist and not to become dependent.

Different rules Some bookmakers have different rules when non-standard situation happens during a match (for example, when the match is interrupted due to bad weather or fight during the match)..

It is good practice to use just those bookmakers, whose have clear , understandable and especially same rules. It is also good idea to avoid sports where these rules are not same too.

ChargesDo not forget to deduct fees from a winning and also charge for money transfers from your eventual profit if bookmaker has such charges.

Money transferMake sure that a chosen bookmaker receives payments from your country, and also if it is possible to make withdrawals to your country. Eventually, take advantage of some international banks, but in that case please remember to also apply money transfer fees.


The server only provides information about sure bets. Server do not charge any commission from winning. The only charge is for making access to information about sure bets. Server is not responsible for their reliability and their use.